Its a good start…..

Its a good start…..

Point Lobos State Reserve over Four Seasons

Capturing the seasonal changes over the course of four seasons from a zodiac anchored in Bluefish Cove was fun and very rewarding.

No matter how many times you ‘see’ a place, there is always some new aspect that appears, some new color, some difference in the way the sun shines on the same location at the same time in a different season, more - or less - foliage.

This concept came out of an ‘Extreme Watercolor’ challenge painting on an iceberg in Alaska aboard the Nautilus Swell. If you can paint on a giant, slippery cube of ice, painting from a small boat is no problem, right? I found getting the boat in the right position to minimize wave action was critical to gastro-intestinal well being. Phil knows the waters and always found us a workable site.

Many thanks to Captain Phil Sammet of Underwater Company.